iStock_000005179376XSmallHonesty is always the best policy, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. When you suspect your policyholders or claimants aren’t being honest, Focus Investigations is your best choice for an investigative resource in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Our licensed professional investigators are experts in their area of concentration. Whether you need assistance in proving the credibility in a workman’s compensation case, determining culpability in a personal injury case, or proving the cause of a motor vehicle accident; your Focus Investigations investigator will provide you with the facts you need.

As experts in insurance investigations, we understand that the information you require must withstand the scrutiny of a judicial setting; regardless of whether it should ever go to court. We handle every case with this end in mind.

At Focus Investigations we realize that knowing the truth is important, and proving the truth is the key to making a difference.

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