iStock_000004496715XSmallWhen investigating a civil matter, it is crucial to uncover every important piece of information, document the findings accurately and provide the necessary expert reports in order to win the case. Proving the strength of validity of your civil case often involves due diligence and solid evidence that only a detailed, professional investigator can uncover.

Focus Investigations has the track record, qualifications and experience to be the lead investigators on your civil case. Our investigators can help you facilitate a complete, professional investigation and achieve results. Whether you are looking to fulfill your client’s settlement goals or to provide a flawless defense for a wrongly accused client, our investigators will step in and help you convince a jury of the validity and strength of your case.


Whether your case centers on fraud, wrongful death, workers’ compensation or a life changing automobile accident, our investigators have the expertise and training to provide professional, high-quality investigative services. From witness interviews and background checks to domestic investigation and trial preparation, we offer the tools you need to prove your case.


We at Focus Investigations understand the importance of excellent documentation. From following due process to establishing an evidentiary chain-of-custody, our investigators are familiar with the legal requirements regarding evidence, which must be followed to preserve the integrity of evidence. We uphold the strictest forensic and ethical standards in our work to ensure that your evidence will withstand the scrutiny of the courtroom.

Expert Reports

With extensive credentials and experience, Focus Investigations lead investigators can support your trial appearance with expert reports and testimony. Our reports conform to the requirements of the court and can include easy to understand visual formats, such as 2D and 3D animation, to ensure the judge and jury fully understand your argument. Each of our expert witnesses have both the qualifications and trial experience to present the evidence and provide testimony in their specialized areas of expertise including; Accident Reconstruction, Collision Investigation, and Computer Forensics.