iStock_chesspuzzleXSmallWorker’s Compensation exists to help injured employees through a difficult time. When people defraud the workers’ compensation system, it hurts everyone. Focus Investigations can help you investigate workers’ compensation claims and learn the truth about an employee’s injury. Whether you are a business concerned about the validity of a worker’s claim, or an employee who has not been paid compensation for a genuine injury; we have the experience and knowledge of the workman’s compensation system to investigate and help you prove the truth.


Even if you suspect an employee’s injury is being overstated to allow them to receive compensation, it may be difficult to prove. Focus Investigations, will complete visual, audio, photo and video of the person in question to ascertain the severity of their injury.

Background Check

A background check can help determine an employee’s past history with the worker’s compensation system and establish a pattern of fraud if one exists. Our investigators will also check the employee’s medical records* to ensure that their claims are valid.

Proof of Fraud

At Focus Investigations, we understand that even more important than uncovering the fraud, is being able to prove it so that the perpetrator can be prosecuted and compensation can be cut off. Our experienced investigators carefully collect  and preserve all evidence with legal proceedings in mind.


  • Claim Fraud – not injured at work; or at all.
  • Unfair Benefits Fraud – doing activities they should not be able to do.
  • Disability Fraud – working while on disability.

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